Annual Review of Cold Atoms and Molecules, volume 2 by Kirk W Madison, Kai Bongs, Lincoln D Carr, Ana Maria Rey,

By Kirk W Madison, Kai Bongs, Lincoln D Carr, Ana Maria Rey, Hui Zhai

The purpose of this e-book is to give evaluation articles describing the most recent theoretical and experimental advancements within the box of chilly atoms and molecules. Our wish is this sequence will advertise study through either highlighting contemporary breakthroughs and by means of outlining essentially the most promising examine instructions within the field.

Readership: study scientists together with graduate scholars and higher point undergraduate scholars.

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Absorption images and integrated density profiles showing the BEC phase transition for different times tev of the evaporative cooling ramp. The images are taken along the vertical direction 25 ms after release from the trap. The solid line represents a fit with a bimodal distribution, while the dashed line shows the Gaussian-shaped thermal part, from which the given temperature values are derived. The figure is taken from Ref. 71. frequencies are 59 Hz in the horizontal axial direction, 260 Hz in the horizontal radial direction, and 245 Hz in the vertical direction.

76 Our scheme essentially relies on the combination of three techniques, favored by the properties of this element, and does not rely on evaporative cooling. 94 Using this transition, we prepare a laser cooled sample of 107 atoms of 84 Sr in a large “reservoir” dipole trap. To avoid the detrimental effects of laser cooling photons, we render atoms transparent for these photons in a small spatial region within the laser cooled cloud. Transparency is induced by a light shift on the optically excited state of the laser cooling transition.

Spin State Control in 87 Sr Fermionic 87 Sr has a nuclear spin of I = 9/2. This large nuclear spin has many applications in quantum simulation and computation, for which preparation, manipulation, and detection of the spin state are the main requirements. For an ultracold 87 Sr cloud, we show two complementary methods to characterize the spin-state mixture: optical Stern–Gerlach state separation and state-selective absorption imaging. We use these methods to optimize the preparation of a variety of spin-state mixtures by optical pumping and measure an upper bound of the 87 Sr spin relaxation rate.

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