Ancient Cyprus by A.S. Brown, H.W. Catling

By A.S. Brown, H.W. Catling

Revealed for the viewers and offered on the Ashmolean Museum; from the Neolithic to Medieval and later Cyprus

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HI. 51. b. Gold runerary frontlet, decorated with embossed spirals. circles and flowers. Late Cypriot II. Perhaps from Enkomi. L. 2441. NT CYPRUS sophisticated commercial and political life of the East Mediterranean in the period orthe New Kingdom in Egypt (c. 15581075 BC). , imported Mycenaean pottery in enormous quantities appeared in the island throughout the fourteenth and much of the thirteenth centuries BC (6g. Ub, 8-13). Such pottery has been found at sites throughout the island, both in settlements, and in tombs.

VIII). The surface of these vessels is covered in a black wash, with simple linear patterns added in red paint, by the use of a multiple brush. Certain metal types. including dress pins. more characteristic of eastern Cyprus than elsewhere (pl. IX) reinforce this suggestion. shlped jug, typical of East Cyprus. Middle Cypriol:. HI. 220). 2J ANCIENT CYPRUS phases, lasted for some five centuries, and saw Cyprus drawn further and further into international trade and hence international politics. By its close, foreign inftuences on the island had been strong enough to extinguish almost completely its own distinctive cultural traits; this process was to be repeated more than once in Cyprus' later history.

Plate VII: White Painted jug, the decoration in lustrous red paint. Middle Cypriot. Given by Sir Philip Antrobus. HI. O· 248 [1963. 1638J. 21 ANCIENT CYPRUS largely on the evidence of cemeteries. Only at Kalopsidha, in the east half of the central plain. g. Enkomi and Mynou, Pigadhes). At Kalopsidha a house of ten rooms, including storerooms, workshops and a courtyard was uncovered, revealing a very much more sophisticated complex than the simple two-room house from the Early Cypriot III site at Alambra, mentioned above.

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