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Chemie didaktik. Diagnose und Korrektur von Schulervorstellungen

Unterrichtsplaner gingen lange davon aus, dass Schüler kaum eigene Vorstellungen in den Unterricht mitbringen. Fachdidaktische Erhebungen zeigen allerdings, dass Kinder und Jugendliche sehr wohl eigene Ideen zu Natur und Alltag haben. Chemiedidaktiker ermöglichen erfolgreiches Lernen, indem sie diese diagnostizieren.

The Chemistry of Mood, Motivation, and Memory: The proceedings of an interdisciplinary conference on the Chemistry of Mood, Motivation, and Memory held at the University of California, San Francisco, in October 1971

This quantity is predicated on displays at an interdisciplinary convention at the Chemistry of temper, Motivation and reminiscence which used to be held on the collage of California, San Francisco in October, 1971. The convention used to be backed and supported by way of the department of constant schooling in health and wellbeing Sciences.

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Res. , 1977,9,367. Y. Cherkez and H. Yellin, Israeli P. 39 236, 1977 (Chem. A h . , 1977, 87, 84 847). J. Wallace, M. S. Kidd, S. E. Canthen, and J. D. Woodyard, J. , 1978, 15,317. T. A. Montzka and J. D. Matiskella, J. Med. Chem.. 1977, 20, 453. T. I. Vozyakova, N. I. Koretskaya, M. D. Mashkovskii, K. Yu. Novitskii, A. F. Oleinik, and T. K. R. P. 508057 (Chem. A h . , 1977, 87, 152449) cf. N. I. , Khim-Farm. 11, 33. 51 Tropane A1ka loids esters of tropan01s~~ (analgesics), polyethylene-glycol carbonate^^^ of atropine (higher mydriatic etc.

S. Perkin ZI, 1977, 2016. P. J. Pauling and T. J. Petcher, Chem. , 1969, 1001; Nature, 1970,228,673. l 3 N. Mandava and G. Fodor, Canad. J. , 1968,46,2761. l4 V. I. Stenberg, S. P. Singh, and N. K. Narain, J. Org. , 1977, 42, 2244. l 5 Th. A . Hamor, J. C. S. PerkinZI, 1977, 1359. l 6 J. R. Bagley and Th. N. Riley, J. , 1977, 14, 599. l7 See 'Tropane Alkaloids', in these Reports, Vol. 5, p. 69; Vol. 6, p. 67. l 8 See 'Tropane Alkaloids', in these Reports, Vol. 7, p. 50. Y. Hayakawa, Y. Baba, S.

0. Ghisalba and J. Niiesch, J. , p. 215. Pyrrolidine, Piperidine, and Pyridine Alkaloids BY A. R. PINDER 1 Pyrrolidine Alkaloids Cuscohygrine has been isolated for the first time from the roots of Solanurn carolinense. * The guinea pepper alkaloid okolasine, which is the pyrrolidine amide (1)of 6-methoxypiperic acid, has been synthesized by the standard procedure of reaction of the acid chloride with pyrrolidine. 2 Three new pyrrolidine bases have been found in the roots of Ruspolia hypercrateriforrnis (Acanthaceae).

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