Aliphatic, Alicyclic and Saturated Heterocyclic Chemistry

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Chemie didaktik. Diagnose und Korrektur von Schulervorstellungen

Unterrichtsplaner gingen lange davon aus, dass Schüler kaum eigene Vorstellungen in den Unterricht mitbringen. Fachdidaktische Erhebungen zeigen allerdings, dass Kinder und Jugendliche sehr wohl eigene Ideen zu Natur und Alltag haben. Chemiedidaktiker ermöglichen erfolgreiches Lernen, indem sie diese diagnostizieren.

The Chemistry of Mood, Motivation, and Memory: The proceedings of an interdisciplinary conference on the Chemistry of Mood, Motivation, and Memory held at the University of California, San Francisco, in October 1971

This quantity relies on shows at an interdisciplinary convention at the Chemistry of temper, Motivation and reminiscence which was once held on the collage of California, San Francisco in October, 1971. The convention was once backed and supported through the department of constant schooling in health and wellbeing Sciences.

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C . Caserio, SeIectiue Org. , 1970, 1, 239. L. R. Byrd and M. C. Caserio, J . Amer. Chem. ,1970, 92, 5422. Acetylenes, Allenes, and OleJiris 45 products are also obtained. None of the products isolated using optically active penta-2,3-diene are optically active. l4l Addition of hypochlorous acid to allenic hydrocarbons, an electrophilic attack, leads, in all cases, to the placement of the chlorine on the central carbon atom and the OH group on the more substituted of the allenyl ~ a r b 0 n s .

DeVille, J. Hora, M. B. Hursthouse, T. P. Toube, and B. C. L. Weedon, Chem. , 1970, 1231. J. K. Kochi and P. J. Krusic, J . Amer. Chem. ,1970, 92, 4110. R. F. Heck, Fortschr. Chem. , 1971, 16, 221. J. Sicher, Pure Appl. , 1971, 25, 655. A. J. Parker, Chem. , 1971, 297. M. , 1970, 5 , 1. J. Reucroft and P. G. Sammes, Quart. , 1971, 25, 135. J. D. Faulkner, Synthesis, 1971, 175. -Much effort has been expended recently in devising new methods for stereospecific syntheses of substituted ~ l e f i nand, ~ ~in ~ particular, ~ , ~ ~their ~ application to the synthesis of biologically important terpenoids.

R. Dodd, J . Amer. Chem. ,1970,92, 6507. lo8 D. Rosenberg and W. Drenth, Tetrahedron, 1971, 27, 3893. log F. , Chem. , 1971, 104, 11, 954, 958, 961, 1322, 1329, 1362, 1962, 2030, 2354. lo5 lo* R. -A usually reliable method of preparing allenes is by the insertion of cyclopropylidene carbenes (carbenoids). l1° The dibromocyclopropane (155) yields only the bicyclobutane (156) and no allene is detectable, whereas the isomeric dibromocyclopropane (1 57) yields, in addition to the bicyclobutane (158), appreciable amounts of allene (159).

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