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What is so "Great" approximately Alexander? examine this notorious chief and discover.

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Now the knife came out. An accusation of “conspiracy in the murder of the king” was all the excuse Alexander needed to kill anyone who might stand in the way of his kingship. Among the first to die was Attalus. He had arranged 41 – Alexander the Great – the outrage that drove Pausanias to kill Philip, but his real crimes were drunkenly insulting Alexander’s legitimacy at the wedding banquet for Philip and, now, his reported plotting to overthrow the new king. Alexander’s agents found Attalus stationed in northwestern Anatolia with his fellow general and father-in-law Parmenion and the advance forces of the Macedonian army.

Pixodarus’ offer of diplomacy through marriage was an attempt to buy life insurance, so to speak, in case the new Persian king proved weak and a large and deadly Macedonian army appeared on the borders of Pixodarus’ domain in Caria. Pixodarus, ignorant of Macedonian royalty, assumed that Arrhidaeus was the best pick as a potential husband for his daughter, since, as the oldest son, Arrhidaeus presumably enjoyed the highest status and best prospects for the future. This assumption was faulty, however.

Asking a man to rule added an element of the beast to his nature, stoking his desire. Desire was the wild animal in human nature, perverting the mind with visions of exercising power to satisfy one’s every craving. A ruler who followed these animal urges would ironically end up being like a god among human beings, someone with no equal, a total king who was himself the law without consideration of others’ needs or desires. Like a god, he could if he wished provide benefits to people, but he was under no compulsion or necessity to do anything other than satisfy his own desire.

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