Airbus A330 and A340 Flight Crew Training Manual

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1 REV 1 (6 JUN 05) GENERAL Console mounted levers are used to control engine thrust. Thrust can be controlled either manually, or automatically through the A/THR. Each lever sends electrical signals to the FADEC of the engine it controls. The FADEC responds to the thrust lever position or autothrust command by setting engine thrust. The thrust lever quadrant is effectively a thrust-rating panel. The thrust levers move over the range of the quadrant in a conventional sense. For each lever there are four detents: · · · · Idle CL FLX/MCT TOGA The significance of CL and FLX/MCT detents is described in detail later.

E. nose-up with thrust increase and nose down with thrust reduction. In pitch, elevator deflection is proportional to sidestick deflection. It is important to note that the controls are very powerful. Consequently, use small inputs when at high speed. As there is no auto-trim, use manual trim making small inputs on the trim wheel. In roll, aileron and spoiler deflection is proportional to sidestick deflection. Direct law works with the yaw damper to provide a minimal turn coordination. Protections No protections are available but overspeed and stall aural warnings remain available.

The warnings, cautions and messages can be classified as follows: · · · · · Take-off All Engines Operative One Engine Inoperative Disconnection Protection Take-off The three thrust setting options available for take-off are Flexible Thrust (FLX), Derated Thrust (DRT) and Take-off and Go-around Thrust (TOGA). The corresponding thrust lever quadrant detents are FLX/MCT for FLX and DRT take-offs and TOGA for TOGA take-offs. The FLX temperature and DRT level are entered via the MCDU. The ECAM provides an element of protection against the use of incorrect thrust settings for take-off by generating the warning "ENG THR LEVERS NOT SET" if the thrust levers position disagrees with the MCDU input.

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