Чертежи кораблей французского флота AIGLE 1931

Изображения: черно-белые рисунки

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54 From London, Massigli noted that none of the `evidence' of British conspiracies in Tunisia could be authenticated; the French intelligence service's wild theories were a gambit to justify increases in its budget. To act on the allegations made would be to accept that British diplomats contravened Bevin's promise to Bidault in January 1946 to support France in North Africa. Bidault agreed with Massigli and tried to close the matter in a meeting at the Foreign Office on 9 September. 55 But three weeks later, on 28 September, the Tunis residency, which had continued its customary surveillance of the British consulate, claimed that Salah Ben Youssef and Sala Ferhat, two prominent leaders of the divided Destour factions, visited the consul's home at La Marsa to discuss Britain's terms for supporting inscription of Tunisia's case for international trusteeship status at the UN.

68 Meanwhile, as President of the French Union, Vincent Auriol sought to arbitrate between the Paris government and the protectorate administrations. While Auriol was anxious to restore Franco-Tunisian co-operation on the basis of the original protectorate treaties, his only administrative support was his adviser on Maghreb affairs, Cherif MeÂcheri. 69 This tendency became more pronounced after the MRP's underlying colonialism was boosted by the admission of like-minded Radical, UDSR and conservative Independents to the governing coalition in January 1947.

84 This was evident elsewhere too. Across the country, 19 Messalist MTLD candidates and six of their UDMA equivalents were arrested for sedition immediately after campaigning ended. In the week following the April ballot, 400 prominent nationalist and Algerian communist supporters were detained. 85 More serious in the long term, those Algerian Muslims who agreed to serve within this tainted colonial system inevitably lost touch with the population they were supposed to represent. This fed the radicalism of the emerging generation of Muslim activists who would lead the Algerian rebellion.

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