Advanced Animation by Preston Blair

By Preston Blair

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TIP RotateTransform We saw the effect of this transform already. RotateTransform rotates all the points of a figure around the point of origin. 79769313486232e308 (which is a huge range). The limits are set by the type used for the Angle property (the type Double). 3 . 5” attribute. 5 is relative to the element’s width, respectively height. The point of origin is the only point that is not modified by the transform. Silverlight 2 Unleashed 40 Page 48 CHAPTER 3 Return to Table of Contents Playing with XAML Transforms and Animations is rotated is set by the Angle property.

You might wonder why you can see through this white Grid: The Background is set to #CCFFFFFF, which creates an 80% transparent white color. You learn more about transparency in Chapter 5, which deals with media in general and colors in particular. TIP Grid and Canvas are two Panels, with different functionalities. ” . A Grid is a Panel in which you can define rows and columns, a little like a table (or a grid, for that matter). A Canvas is another Panel, like a piece of paper, on which you can draw objects with Top and Left coordinates.

5): 1. RenderTransform> 2. As usual, the AngleX (and AngleY) properties are Double, so they can be set to noninteger values and to negative values. Try this in SilverlightPad and observe the effect. 3. Moving the RenderTransformOrigin in different locations modifies the action of the skew. Again, the point of origin is the only point that is not modified by the transform. 4. This transform also has CenterX and CenterY properties. Note that they are slightly confusing: The CenterY affects the AngleX, and the CenterX affects the AngleY.

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