AdvancED Flex 3 by Shashank Tiwari, Elad Elrom

By Shashank Tiwari, Elad Elrom

Leveraging architectural and layout styles -- developing complex elements -- Turbo-charging information binding -- Tuning functions for stronger functionality -- Flex and AIR: taking functions to the laptop -- Integrating with Java utilizing prone -- Integrating through facts and media prone -- personal home page and Flex -- speaking with JavaScript and HTML: website integration -- Flex mashups -- Migrating internet 1.0 interface to RIA -- Sculpting interactive enterprise intelligence interfaces -- operating with internet 2.0 APIs -- Facilitating audio and video streaming -- utilizing 3D in Flex

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To make things more flexible and allow for more than one service manager implementation to be plugged in if desired, we create a service manager interface and move the concrete implementation to an implementation class. In addition to this, we define a service assembler, which as the name suggests assembles the desired service manager implementation to the service registry. Service manager implementation is a composition that implements the two important behaviors of keeping and finding services.

Prevents easy testing and debugging: Testing and debugging a framework-based application can be very difficult, especially if the framework code is intractably obfuscated or involves many singletons and statics. Introduces infrastructural complexity: Frameworks create an infrastructure for an application. Sometimes, their container features pose complexity when they are deployed in a shared or clustered infrastructure. 29 CHAPTER 1 Surveying the available architectural frameworks So far we have indulged in discussions on individual patterns, their combinations, and the benefits and challenges involved in adopting them.

In such a case, you may want a façade and not a proxy. You may still expect your façade to lazily load the data and demonstrate a few of the proxy’s behaviors. A façade sometimes could also simplify the complexity of ORM, as joins between related data are already made before the composed object is available in the application. In another situation, you may not need any composition but may need to alter the API of the original model. This is typically when you need to shape the external data to fit your application model.

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