Adbusters, Issue 119: Manifesto for World Revolution, Part 2

AB119: Manifesto for international Revolution, half 2
(May/June 2015)

Adbusters #119 is our moment 160-page bombshell and the second one bankruptcy in our Manifesto for global Revolution sequence. the following, we holiday the shackles that experience held again the environmental stream for much too long.

In half 2, we make a journey to a water quandary in a single of the world’s megacities, learn a destiny with out Homo Sapiens and delve into capacity and purposes for resistance. What occurs if we fail to behave now?

Award-winning essayist and writer Charles C. Mann explores the country of our species.
pupil Bron Taylor asks: Do the ends justify the means?
John Michael Greer formulates a brand new future.
Clive Hamilton considers desires of escape.
Is there whatever left of yankee democracy?
We take the 1st steps within the #BillionPeopleMarch.

In this sequence we’re blurring the road among thought and wrestle. We’re preparing for #worldrevolution: leaders needs to carry us a weather accord now, in any other case … face international progressive fervor.

Come alongside for the trip.

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