Adaptation and survival by Susan Glass

By Susan Glass

This ebook explains how species have tailored to their setting over the years with the intention to survive.

summary: This ebook explains how species have tailored to their surroundings over the years so as to continue to exist

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This helps them fill up when they can. The deep-sea anglerfish is a super adapter. This fish has an enormous mouth lined with long, curved teeth. These teeth fold backward into the mouth to let prey in and then spring back upright to keep the prey from escaping. Anglerfish also have a built-in fishing rod and bait to lure prey in the dark. The rod is a spine Fishing for a Mate attached to the fish’s head. ” Since The bait is a piece of mates are hard to find on the dark ocean floor, the skin dangling from male anglerfish attaches itself to any female he the end of the spine.

Html Use the “Desert Directory” to guide you to the “Animal & Wildlife” or “Plants & Wildflowers” section of this Desert USA site to learn more about animal and plant adaptations in the desert. com/content/animals/ Want to know more about a particular animal and its adaptive characteristics? Then check out this Ranger Rick site that provides simple information on many mammals, fish, birds, insects, amphibians, and reptiles. Books Charles Darwin: And the Evolution Revolution by Rebecca Stefoff. This biography of Charles Darwin explores the scientist, his theories, his time, and his impact.

So Coconut palm plants have come up with brilliant ways to disperse, or spread, their seeds. Dandelions, milkweeds, and other plants produce seeds with fluff that helps them float in the breeze. Some plants, such as violets and Himalayan impatiens, shoot their seeds into the air like little cannonballs. Other seeds, like those of maple and pine trees, have wing-shaped parts that help them glide to new homes. Palm trees drop coconuts into coastal waters. These huge seeds are adapted for floating to new habitats.

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