A School Under Trees by Raghu Babu

By Raghu Babu

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And then every one of you has to write essays on pulse and pulse-less seed plants. And then you have to draw pictures of plants and seed growing.... , “ Children dispersed again and did their job. With their essays and pictures I prepared a book on PULSE SEEDS AND PULSELESS SEEDS. A general introduction of pulse-less seeds written by children: “These are generally called as grass plants. These are having nodes. Roots are like fibres. The stem Is very lean and short. They can be fall down by wind.

Plants germinate after 5 days of sowing. They re-plant the younger plants in the fields. Plants will be watered for every 10 days. During the germination gamaxin & seven will be applied. Squirrels spoil the crop. Yellow warms etc. pests attack this crop. So, endrin, rogar, ecalex, perathene etc. pesticides will be sprayed on crop For better growth manure, 28, CN, Urea etc, fertilisers can be used The fertiliser can be given once in 15 days Can children forget the information which they collected and collated at their own risk?

Teaching morals is not enough; there should be a practical education, where, children can FEEL the necessity of secularism, socialism, democracy and moreover human values.... Kalyani, a teacher, composed tunes for Jungli’s song, and we all sang it not only during weeding times, even on the roads, everywhere - nearly for two months it chased us in every moment… “Take off weed - O Weed! Occupied the crop - O Weed! Plants don’t get water – O Weed! Plants don’t grow - O Weed! As we know pains - O Weed!

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