A Robert Louis Stevenson Chronology by J.R. Hammond

By J.R. Hammond

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10 Sends Henley a draft of 'The Merry Men'. 12-15 To Edinburgh on business. 22-9 111 with haemorrhage and heavy cold. August 1 (Mon) Finishes draft of 'The Body Snatchers'. 2 Leaves Pitlochry for Braemar Cottage, Braemar (where he stays for nearly two months). Here he drafts the opening of a novel, 'The Travelling Companion' (later abandoned), and begins work on The Sea Cook (original title of TI). ' 26 Edmund Gosse visits him (stays till 5 September). ' 7 Tells Henley that The Sea Cook is in its 19th chapter.

8 Leaves Edinburgh for London. 9 In London consulting his doctor, who prescribes a stay in the Riviera. 15? Leaves for the South of France with his cousin Bob, his wife being too ill to undertake the journey. Stays for a time at Montpellier, 80 miles west of Marseilles. October 9 (Mon) Arrives in Marseilles where he is joined by his wife (at the Terminus Hotel). 22 Moves to a rented house, Campagne Defli, St Marcel (five miles from Marseilles). RLS is too ill to write, suffering from haemorrhages and fatigue.

15? ) 23 Sends Henley the MS of 'A Penny Plain and Twopence Coloured'. December Early in the month reads the proofs of the American edition 1884 41 of TI (published by Roberts Brothers in February 1884) and of the book edition of SS. 13 (Thurs) Tells W. H. ' 31 Congratulates Walter Simpson on his knighthood. 1884 January During the first week of January Henley and Baxter visit RLS at Hyeres. Throughout January and February RLS is seriously ill with a series of haemorrhages which leave him comatose and unable to write.

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