A Review of the Recent Literature by Dixon R.N., Thomson C.

By Dixon R.N., Thomson C.

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Chemie didaktik. Diagnose und Korrektur von Schulervorstellungen

Unterrichtsplaner gingen lange davon aus, dass Schüler kaum eigene Vorstellungen in den Unterricht mitbringen. Fachdidaktische Erhebungen zeigen allerdings, dass Kinder und Jugendliche sehr wohl eigene Ideen zu Natur und Alltag haben. Chemiedidaktiker ermöglichen erfolgreiches Lernen, indem sie diese diagnostizieren.

The Chemistry of Mood, Motivation, and Memory: The proceedings of an interdisciplinary conference on the Chemistry of Mood, Motivation, and Memory held at the University of California, San Francisco, in October 1971

This quantity relies on shows at an interdisciplinary convention at the Chemistry of temper, Motivation and reminiscence which was once held on the collage of California, San Francisco in October, 1971. The convention was once subsidized and supported by way of the department of continuous schooling in future health Sciences.

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R. Khokhlov, Liquid crystal ordering in polyelectrolyte solutions, Biophysika 31:771 (1986). 4. R. Khohklov, Theories on liquid crystal ordering of polymers based on the Onsager approach, in: "Fundamentals of Liquid Crystalline Polymers," A. , VCH Publishers, New York, NY (1991). ( 1991) . 5. P. Sanford, Chitosan, a natural cationic biopolymer: Commercial applications, Prog. Biotechnol. 3:363 ( 1987) . 6. J. Domszy and G. Roberts, Evaluation of infrared 22 spectroscopic techniques for analyzing chitosan, Makromol.

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Their partition between the corneocytes and the lipids as well as their influence on the water/lipid interaction is treated in a later publication. This information may initially appear to limit the value of the present contribution or even make its use highly doubtful. However, a conclusion to that effect must be considered premature. The interaction between the purely liquid part and water is, of course, an essential property and in this article used as a gague to evaluate the influence of exchanging the cerami des with lecithin.

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