A Reckless Witch (A Modern Witch Series: Book 3) by Debora Geary

By Debora Geary

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It’s just like a bike—you have to be able to stop, too. Aervyn turned and headed straight for them, cape flying. I can stop. Watch!

Sierra: Fetching spell? You’re doing magic online? Seriously? Sophie: Just a small spell to locate people who actively use magic. You’re free to stay or go, but we’d love to chat with you for a bit. Sierra: You can tell I’m a witch? That’s really cool. Do you have any spells that could fetch me a job? Nell: Hi, Sierra. Looks like you were running a job search when we found you. What kind of job do you want? Sierra: Anything close to the ocean that pays well enough to get an apartment. Oh, and where nobody bites, requires a university degree, or wants me to get naked.

And there weren’t any open terminals. She was antsy and cold—too much magic and not enough food. Her foster family’s food budget didn’t really stretch to witch portions, and they got really grumpy when she ate too much. Sticking her hands in her pockets, she lit a couple of small fireglobes. She’d pay for the magic use later, but hungry was better than cold. A woman stepped up beside her and grinned. “You must be Sierra. ” Sierra lowered her voice as half the library turned to look. ” Wow, Nell totally didn’t look like what she expected.

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