A Night in the Lonesome October by Roger Zelazny

By Roger Zelazny

The bestselling writer of the Amber sequence creates a pleasant and dramatic interval delusion populated by means of speaking canines and characters from renowned legend. Accompanying and amplifying the textual content are a chain of 31 full-page illustrations via one of many masters of unusual and awful art.

Originally released in 1993.

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01 7/29/04 12:01 PM Page 41 INCUBUS DREAMS 41 and those closest to me. Emotional honesty. It sounds so harmless, so wholesome; it’s neither. “I don’t want to fight,” I said. There, that was honest. “None of us do,” Micah said. Just hearing him be so calm helped the anger ease away. ” “I felt it,” Micah said. “Me, too,” Jason said. ” Nathaniel said. His eyes were almost accusing, and his voice held it’s own thin edge of anger. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever heard him that close to being angry. “Anita is getting better control over the ardeur,” Micah said.

I didn’t want to dance, that was true, but I also had a very clear memory of thinking, just minutes ago with Micah, that I’d rather have been dancing. I’d messed up once tonight, I didn’t want to do it twice. ” That made Micah and Nathaniel pull back enough to look at me. Jason was just staring down at me. ” Nathaniel said. ” Their astonishment almost made it worthwhile. ” Jason asked, face mock serious. I didn’t try to explain. I couldn’t figure out a slick way of saying to Micah, I’d rather have danced, and it’s my fault we missed it, without spilling his secrets in front of Nathaniel and Jason.

The story was started, and he would tell it now, whether I wanted to hear it or not. It was my own damn fault, so I listened and gave him the only thing I could at this point—my attention. Not horror, not pity, just my attention. Horror was redundant, and pity—no one likes pity. “You talked to Chimera, to more than one of his faces. ” “Part of him was the ultimate male bully, and that part raped women. ” Chimera had given the idea of split personality a whole new meaning, because each personality had had a different physical form.

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